Moot Jak Sarn - 織竹ペン (紫色の階段) – VTThai

Moot Jak Sarn - 織竹ペン (紫色の階段)

通常価格 $60.00

- Size : 4 cm width x 18 cm length x 4 cm height

- Made from the finest bamboo which are commonly planted and grown around the village in Thailand.
- Handcrafted and delicately woven using dyed small bamboo strip weaving in a shape cover a pen displaying perfectly combination of traditional and modern traits. With time and effort placed into creating exquisite design and quality for modern consumers.
- Exquisite pen design for everyday use or gifting.
- Due to each artisanal handcraft is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, color, pattern and technique of weaving.

How to care.