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VT THAI have collected handcraft products in the category of furniture for home decoration being produced by Thai artisans, Furniture piece work is designed to be contemporary and modern style that maintains the Thai sryle perfectly. Each piece work is unique and different in charm including a variety of usage.

Bags are one of the fashior. lifestyle products. As VT THAI car corply with customize design or customner requirerment. Variety of natural materials are combined with modern interior design & produced by Thai artisans.

For our shipping service, we use shipping service from ThailandPost which is reliable and has 100% insurance on whot you have orderedl.



Natural dye

Natural color dyeing from parts of the tree such as roots, bark, fruit trees, flowers, seeds, leaves etc. can be easy from community. Natural color dyeing focus on worthy using and benefits of natural resources and not harmful to producers and consumers but disadvantages are fade color not match with market requirement.


Dyeing variety

Chemical color is very purity of the color. These colors can be mixed to get the desired color. And it can adjust the color intensity level The method of dyeing is easy and convenient. The dyed colors are fresh and have good color stability.



By adding a few contemporary elements to the traditional wicker handbag, we have transformed the humble material into a modern handbag. Leather flap and metal studs adds an eye-catching detail to the design and the interior of the bag is intricately lined with premium grade leather, it made the bag beautiful charm, modern and suitable for daily life & any occasions.



Although many people may think that wicker / woven bag is extremely old-fashioned That's not true. It's also in the style, including dressing to suit the bag and the bag itself, so we have an idea of a wicker / woven bag to look old-fashioned whether used by themselve or as a gift for a chic, good-looking, expensive look in another way. One way to be good ideo or painting on it.


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