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Old Social Impact

With each product you purchase at VT THAI will help contribute to a positive impact and change in the local community. The local artisans will feel a sense of great pride when putting in their effort, commitment and time to create these magnificent products. Also, this will help support their traditional craft skills as a means of employment, help to generate income and economic self-sufficiency. With this positive change, we aim to create quality time amongst family members and to encourage other villages and regions to join our sustainable local craft community to help create better living conditions for everyone.



The local community is within Nong-San of the Sakon Nakhon Province. They have gained generations of knowledge and experience to help perfect their techniques and skills to weave and to dye fabrics by using natural resources such as indigo flowers, mud and other resources found in the vast open land of Sakon Nakhon Province. Due to the climate changing throughout the year, every product will each produce a sense of individualism and uniqueness when using natural resources in dyeing the fabrics. Each season will produce and give a different shade of colour. The colour may vary according to the weather, season and temperature of the year. When the weather gets very hot, you will get a slightly darker shade of colour when dyeing with the natural resources. However, during the raining seasons, the colour will be soft light. Thus, you can distinguish the season in when the product was produced.

By using our platform, solely created to enhance accurate communications between VT THAI and locals allows us to work closely together. By marketing their philosophy through our platform permits us to transform their forgotten wisdom into reality. Using their knowledge allows us to incorporate this into modern craft for the modern world, such as dyeing leather with natural indigo flowers from the Sakon Nakhon Province instead of using synthetic colours.

At VT THAI, we aim to come together to help create sustainable income for the local artisans by using their cultural techniques and years of wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down from generations' worth of experiences. VT THAI works closely with local Thai artisans and are in collaboration with specialized designers to promote communication between the community. Therefore, we can design a product able to meet current market demands and trends abroad.


The local community comes from the South of Thailand. We regularly visit them so that they have adequate support available to them and to help organize the marketing for their products on our platform, which helps the locals sell on our website. We frequently update our application platform with existing and new products for our customers to be updated swiftly of the upcoming products.

Furthermore, we take our customer feedback seriously to help us improve and develop our handicraft products In the south of Thailand, the seagrass harvested in the southern part of Thailand will have a slightly darker colour compared to its northern counterpart due to the exposure of the mud and water, it thrives upon and grown in that province. It is as if the plants absorb in the elements around them to form the hue that is distinctive to their native location.

Please enjoy local artisans craftsmanship and thank you for supporting us.