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Chalom Basket

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Size : 26 cm width x 28 cm length x 34 cm height

"Chak-san" handicrafts made from ordinary materials. That occurs naturally like "bamboo", but it reflects stories, culture, creativity and wisdom of the community "Ban Dakkanon" very well

Each piece of weaving The story of wickerwork is conveyed through exquisite craftsmanship. Knowledge and Wisdom Techniques from the thinly sharpened bamboo stems called the hammered lines, then polished, interlaced and crossed until they become wickerwork patterns. Framed into various shapes until becoming a bamboo wicker product that can be used as desired.

Due to each artisanal handcraft is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, color, pattern and technique of weaving.

How to care.