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Mini Bamboo Wicker Round Handbag (Red)

通常価格 $122.00

- Size : 18.5 cm diameter x 26 cm height

- Made of Bamboo which is planted and grown in “Ayuttaya” province. The bamboo is durable and flexible.
- A valuable bamboo wickerwork, the artisans have passed on their knowledge and simple methods of folk art from generation to generation. It is a delicate weaving and time-consuming. The bamboo must be sliced into a small strip and weaving in a shape and pattern. It requires attention, expertise, skill and patience of weaver. Also, fabric is support inside for durability. 
- Perfect as a woman purse or for carrying your everyday belongings.
- Due to each artisanal handcraft is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, color, pattern and technique of weaving.

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